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So, about me. I’m a nerd and ok with it. I am certain my nerdiness will reveal itself in this blog. I am currently going to grad school working towards a PhD. I enjoy projects like quilting/sewing, fishing, and going to the movies (most definitely at a Movie Theater). This blog is not really (directly anyways) related to any of this. It is related to how I apply skills I’ve learned from these things and applied it to making living with Diabetes suck somewhat less.

End of Summer Bummer Contest

Good news! I am trying out my very first promotional event. If you follow me, congrats – you’re already eligible! If you want to enter old school, you may do so here. And what are you entering for? Your very own, … Continue reading

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Pump Shorts

This is one of my favorite projects so far. I know, I know – I keep promising not all my projects will be pump cases, and they won’t be. This was just an easy project and I’m so happy with … Continue reading

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Pump Case 2

I promise not all my posts will be pump cases – it can just be extremely annoying when you have to have a beeper sized device on your person at ALL times, day and night. As a result, when I’m trying … Continue reading

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My Medtronic Pump Case

It can be funny to try to explain to somebody how my pump would cost 3 times what my first car cost if I hadn’t had insurance (which even after insurance was plenty expensive). When you have to wear something … Continue reading

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Meter Case – Billfold Clutch

As I’m sure we’re all aware, there are many items that one needs to leave the house with on any outing. Hence the reasoning for purses. In general, I always try to bring with me at least: phone, keys, wallet, blood … Continue reading

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