My Medtronic Pump Case

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It can be funny to try to explain to somebody how my pump would cost 3 times what my first car cost if I hadn’t had insurance (which even after insurance was plenty expensive). When you have to wear something that valuable, it’s nice to have some kind of protection against bumps and dings. Also, I always break the clips that come with it.


Thus the need for some kind of renewable protection for my pump (and let’s be honest, a way to express myself and my inner nerd) arose. Here is the first blog post about a pump case, but surely not the last! I enjoy this case because it works with jeans, under dresses … really there are any number of ways to attach it discreetly (or not if you want to let your nerd flag fly) and securely.



  • Scrap fabric – Exterior, Lining, and Pocket (It really doesn’t take much!)
  • D-Ring
  • Bias Tape with similar width as D-Ring
  • Bias Tape (for top of pocket)
  • Hook and Loop (Velcro)
  • Small carabiner (not pictured)
  • OPTIONAL – Fabric for Patch

Cut the pieces



  • Main Panel 2.5″ x 4.5″: 2 of lining fabric and 2 of exterior fabric
  • Sides 11.5″ (NOT 11 as in image)  x 2″: 1 each of lining and exterior
  • Front Pocket 4″ x 2.5″: 1 of Front Pocket Fabric. Cut along diagonal as shown in picture.
  • Back Ribbon/Bias tape 4″: Note, I originally used 4.5″ but I have found that to be a little long

Pocket Decal (OPTIONAL)


I can’t really lie, I made this up as I went along. There are a wide number of options for personalization. You could use a real patch, or embroidery or really any number of options. For this case, I did the following:

  • Trace Design: I first traced the pocket onto my patch fabric so I could get an idea of the desired size and then traced the design using my tablet. It allowed me to resize the design to the appropriate size as well as functioned as light table.
  • Cut out
  • Stitch: Stitch decal to front pocket – I did this by hand, but really, next time I’d definitely figure out how to use the machine for this task.

Assemble Front Exterior


  • Stitch bias tape along the top of the pocket fabric to finish it (or hem)
  • Sew (1/4″ seam) pocket along the sides and bottom to an exterior main panel

Assemble Back Exterior


  • Sew edges of bias tape closed if using bias tape
  • Attach hook and loop square towards the bottom of the bias tape or ribbon (on the wrong side if applicable)
  • Center the corresponding square hook and loop piece on the remaining exterior main panel fabric, 1″ up from the bottom, and attach it.
  • Sew the ribbon to the main panel by aligning the centers along the top (hook and loop side down) and stitching 1/2″ from the top edges
  • Thread the D ring onto the ribbon as far as it will go
  • Sew just below the D ring so it is attached in place

Assemble Lining and Exterior “boxes”


Both exterior and lining: Align the top edges of the side panels to the top edges of the main panels. Sew the side panel to both long edges of the main panel. Flatten and stitch the bottom, shorter side. Repeat for other main panel. You should have something roughly box shaped.

Attach boxes


  • Turn the exterior fabric right side out and put inside lining box, matching corners (right sides should be together)
  • Stitch around 3/4 of the edge, leaving a short edge open to turn right side out
  • pull exterior side out of the lining​

Turn and Tuck


  • ​Through the side you left open, turn the case so the right side is out
  • Tuck lining into exterior
  • Top stitch the edge (better than I did here)
  • Attach a carabiner

You’re good to go!

IMG_0232 IMG_0234


About diabetichacker

So, about me. I’m a nerd and ok with it. I am certain my nerdiness will reveal itself in this blog. I am currently going to grad school working towards a PhD. I enjoy projects like quilting/sewing, fishing, and going to the movies (most definitely at a Movie Theater). This blog is not really (directly anyways) related to any of this. It is related to how I apply skills I’ve learned from these things and applied it to making living with Diabetes suck somewhat less.
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