Top 5  Reasons to Contact Me:

  1. You have general questions about the projects but are too shy to leave comments on the blogs.
  2. You want to have a Diabetic Friend.
  3. You think Star Trek is one of the greatest things to ever happen, and while the new movies are fantastic, The Original Series, Next Generation, Voyager are absolutely the greatest things to have ever been dreamed of.
  4. You want to simply buy the diabetic accessories featured here.
  5. You have suggestions / want to collaborate.

Worst 5 Reasons to Contact Me:

  1. You want to tell me I suck (or anything like that)
  2. You want to sell me something
  3. You want to scam me
  4. You mistakenly think Star Trek and Star Wars are the same thing or that Star Wars is better.
  5. You are a zombie.

How to Contact Me:


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