Hi!  Thanks for visiting my blog. On this page, I will talk about me. First, a little about myself. Then my diabetic story. Finally, why I made this blog.  Here is a picture of me (because I’m sure you’re curious):

30May2014 (1)

About Me. 

So, about me. I’m a nerd and ok with it. I am certain my nerdiness will reveal itself in this blog. I am currently going to grad school working towards a PhD. I enjoy projects like quilting/sewing, fishing, and going to the movies (most definitely at a Movie Theater). This blog is not really (directly anyways) related to any of this. It is related to how I apply skills I’ve learned from these things and applied it to making living with Diabetes suck somewhat less.

My Diabetic Story.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was two years old. I was very sick for 2 weeks, and my parents kept taking me to the hospital only to be sent back home. The doctors kept saying I was acting out to get attention, since my parents had recently brought home a new baby brother. Finally the doctors said “Well, she *might* have juvenile diabetes, but she’s still a little young for that.” After some pushing, I was tested. My blood sugar was well over 1200, and the doctor had to call specialists to get advice on how to best lower my blood sugar without doing it too quickly so my brain doesn’t swell.

So that’s the story of how I came to get diabetes. I’ve now had it for over 24 years, plenty of highs and plenty of lows (blood sugar pun) – and I still have plenty of issues/challenges I don’t always cope well with: emotional, health, financial, and otherwise. But, this blog is not about any of these. Which brings me to what my blog is about.

Why this Blog? 

Put simply, I’m tired. I’m tired of the  boring black leather/nylon cases for ALL the medical equipment. I’m tired of being asked why I still have a beeper on my waistband *insert some 90’s pun here*. I’m tired of getting ready to leave home, remembering to grab my keys, wallet, work/school gear… only to forget my meter. I’m tired of planning my wardrobe around what I can wear that will accommodate my pump. Does it have pockets? Can I wear it under the skirt/dress, or will the outline awkwardly show through?

So, I decided to do something about it. I have the skills, abilities, and drive to fix some of these things myself. Because I’m pleased with how these things turned out (in general anyways), I thought I’d share these projects with all of you awesome people! If you have questions, want to chat about the diabetic life/struggles, or if you like the projects I’ve made, but don’t have the energy to do them yourself and just want to buy the product, feel free to contact me.


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